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One of the most difficult things for many men to do is to open up and let a woman into the world of their hearts. Men have been trained since the beginning of time that showing emotions, particularly vulnerable ones, is a sign of weakness, and therefore dangerous to do. (More about this can be found in my book Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know.) Instinctively, men don't often allow others entry into their inner world. Yet the irony is that this is precisely one of the things that makes a woman feel the most safe with and loved by her man—when he opens up and shares his deepest self.

I know this is easier said than done, guys, and we'll be talking more about it later. For now, just know that if you really want to know the secrets for making a woman feel safe, opening up to her is definitely one of them. Here's what some women said in my survey:

"I am going to be open and vulnerable, I need to see that he is also willing to be open and vulnerable. Otherwise, I am left sitting there with my heart hanging out, and he hasn't risked a thing."

"Nothing makes me feel closer to my husband than when he tells me what's bothering him, or shares his dreams or fears. I know how hard this is for him, but even if he does it a little bit, it makes me feel like he really loves me and trusts me, like I'm his best friend."

"A guaranteed way a man can make me feel insecure in a relationship is to let me share all about myself and my feelings, but never really share his. I feel like I'm naked and exposed, and he's dressed, and doesn't care enough about me to confide in me."

What are some ways a man can allow a woman entry into his world?

Communicate about what's going on with you and your life.

Involve her in your decisions.

Let her know your needs.

Tell her when you're going through a difficult time.

Ask her advice or opinion.


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