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Semen analysis or sperm count The male equivalent of the basal temperature chart. Simple, straightforward and physically non-invasive. The man ejaculates into a container and the sperm are analysed under a microscope for volume, mobility and physical normality. There is some argument about what level of sperm count is adequate to fertilise the average 106 woman, but the general consensus appears to be that less than twenty million per millilitre (the average is about sixty million) of semen will make fertilisation difficult, though not impossible. The volume of sperm, however, can vary considerably from day to day and week to week, so never trust one reading.

Testicular biopsy

A small sample of tissue from each testicle is removed under general anaesthetic. The sample will reveal whether or not normal sperm are being produced.


A method of checking whether the vasa deferentia (reproductive tubes) are blocked. Radioactive fluid is pumped through the vasa deferentia under general anaesthetic and the passage of the fluid is plotted by x-ray. The test is performed only if a testicular biopsy has shown that normal sperm are being produced, but semen analysis has shown that they are not reaching the penis.

Biochemical tests

These are to check for hormonal disorders. Understanding about male hormone disorders is fairly primitive. Hormone levels can be checked, however, using either blood or urine samples.


Women's Health

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  • Getting organized for new baby: pros and cons of formula-feeding
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  • Hormonal control of sperm production: testosterone
  • Womens problems: drug therapy od dysmenorrhoea

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