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Would you believe it, that many of the simple analgesics (painkillers) used for years not only kill pain but are also effective prostaglandin antagonists. So, they reduce discomfort very successfully. Firstly, by either destroying the hormone or not permitting its creation in the first place. Secondly, by relieving pain if small amounts are actually manufactured and creating uterine contractions and pain. That is why doctors still use aspirin and related products for period pains.

But another discovery was made about the same time. Some lynx-eyed doctors noted that younger female patients with arthritis seemed suddenly devoid of period pains, despite the fact they had been enduring these for years—which made them inquire why. A similar story soon came from the pharmocologists. the experts who dabble in the chemistry of drugs.

Many of the popular and widely used anti-arthritis drugs, the so-called anti-inflammatory drugs, were also potent prostaglandin antagonists. So that is why your doctor may prescribe for your dysmenorrhoea capsules or tablets similar to those granny is taking for her arthritis. Same drug, but for vastly different reasons.

Possibly the most successful and powerful one is called mefenamic acid, a brightly coloured 250 mg capsule. It appears to be extremely effective. Other widely prescribed ones include indomethacin, phenylbuiazone and others.

Another popular method of treating dysmenorrhoea is by suppressing ovulation. If this does not occur, then progesterone will not be produced—or so the theory goes. In practice, stopping ovulation by taking an oral contraceptive will eliminate period pain in about 90 per cent of cases. (In the other 10 percent, there is probably another reason for the pain.)

Often a trial course for 3-4 periods is given. If pain recurs when discontinued, a further treatment fasting 6 months or even longer may then be recommended. In the long term, the beneficial result is frequently excellent, it varies with the individual; and once more, the course must be tailored for you by your doctor.


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