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Frequently Asked Questions
Who runs TaraFans.com?
We are quite simply fans just like you! Okay, HUGE fans! We have over 37 combined years of Internet and computer experience and share seniority in other online Tara discussion lists, message boards, and fan clubs. Our mission has been to incorporate everything we've accomplished so far and to bring that combination of knowledge and experience to TaraFans.com.

What are your goals? Are the members and officers of TaraFans.com in competition with other Tara Lipinski fan clubs or groups?
We would love to see several fan clubs experience prosperity and compliment each other. The furthest concern from any of our goals is to compete with any other Tara fan clubs. It is our goal to unite the worldwide Tara Lipinski fan community. We will do so through teamwork, efficiency, and by demonstrating a level of leadership representative of our years of experience. We work with all people who share our uniform goals in order to further the achievements and accomplishments of as many groups as possible. We always operate the fan club by asking ourselves, "What would Tara want us to do?" The answer to that question will always echo the same response: to help, encourage, support, inform, and unite her fans.

Your mission statement says that you want to rank "Best of the Best". What is your definition of "Best of the Best"?
We have set the bar high at TaraFans.com because we feel that a fan club, a business, or any person in general, should ALWAYS try to be their absolute best. We have selected the leadership of TaraFans.com based on a foundation of a commitment to excellence. We are steadfast in our approach to make solid character a key factor in our terms of success. We work every day to be a superior fan club because we owe you our absolute best. We know that you have choices, and we know that you will continue to choose TaraFans.com because we continue to give you our absolute best!

Where do you get your news? Is it always confirmed and verified?
Any and all news that we post on our site at TaraFans.com and mail to TaraFans.com members comes from a very broad variety of sources as is reflected by our worldwide system of connections. Members of TaraFans.com, independent or affiliated message boards, TaraFans.com Officers, news corporations and their subsidiaries, mailing lists, and other fan sites are among the most frequently noted sources, and oftentimes, Tara herself is a source via her official site.

How can I find additional information about Tara, TaraFans.com, or help you in your mission to bring members everything they want and need?
We have a very high level of appreciation for the help and promotion we receive from our members and fans alike. It means a lot to us to see links to TaraFans.com on all of your personal sites, email signatures and message board signatures. THANK YOU for your support, your encouraging words, and for spreading positive and friendly words about TaraFans.com with other Tara fans. If you have any questions that are not addressed on our site, send a friendly email to TaraFans@TaraFans.com and one of our highly skilled Officers will respond to your message very promptly.

We are always looking for, and accepting, help from anyone interested in being an Officer with TaraFans.com. A superior skater will be represented by a superior fan club. If you feel that you have a special skill or talent that you can offer us, and you would like to join our team, get in touch with us by sending an email to Officer@TaraFans.com and let us know! We are very selective of the people whom we choose to represent and help us. If you know someone who is an Officer with TaraFans.com, you can be sure that they are a very valuable asset to Tara's worldwide fan community and to TaraFans.com.

And of course! If you would like to help us, please continue spreading the positive word about TaraFans.com and our Officers. Put TaraFans.com in your email and message board signatures, and help us help you, the Tara fans around the world! We are here for you, and all Tara fans worldwide!

Stephen Covell
President and Founder

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