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TaraFans.com - distinguished recipient of the prestigious "Celebrity Site of the Day" award! TaraFans.com is your "One Stop Source" for everything TARA - All the time!

TaraFans.com recognizes the impressive and high quality content of our great friend Angie's Tara Lipinski site, TaraRulz.com!

Welcome to TaraFans.com!

.: At this time, the TaraFans.com web site will not be undergoing regular news updates. However, all sections of the web site will remain open so you can enjoy the many fun features and archived news updates on this site. Additionally, all of our e-mail accounts will remain active and you are welcome to contact us anytime. As always, we give our highest recommendation to Angie's Tara Lipinski fan site, TaraRulz.com, and hope you will continue to visit her site and Tara's official web site, TaraLipinski.com. :.

Feb 26 2005 DATE CHANGE: Tara on "Still Standing" March 7 @ 8 PM on CBS
Tara will be appearing on the CBS show "Still Standing" on Monday, March 7 @ 8:00 PM ET!

Check your local listings to be sure of the time it will air in your area.
Posted on Feb 26 2005 by: Steve - comments (0)

Feb 11 2005 Tara on "Still Standing" Feb. 28 @ 8 PM on CBS
Tara will be appearing on the CBS show "Still Standing" (web site) on Monday, February 28 @ 8:00 PM ET. Check your local listings to be sure of the time it will air in your area. This is "good news" for sure. :-)
Posted on Feb 11 2005 by: Steve - comments (0)

Jan 06 2005 Danielle is sharing her "Tara Collection!"
Hi everyone,

It's been a while! Hope all is well. :)

This is a special message for any Tara fan who would like to get their hands on some very nice Tara collectibles for FREE. If you'd like to own some really nice photos, magazines, or books, this is your chance. Danielle would like to share some of her collection of Tara memorabilia with all of you! She is offering it all for FREE. All you need to do is cover her cost of shipping the items to you.

A list of items is attached to the end of this post. Other skating collectibles are also available for free, and you are all welcome to inquire about those items, too.

IMPORTANT: To contact Danielle, you must e-mail her directly.

You can contact Danielle directly by clicking here:

Be sure to thank her for such a generous offer when you do!

Have a great day,

P.S. Even though news is at a crawl, we still receive messages from many members on a regular basis and we want to thank you all for your special e-mails. We appreciate your kind words and we're glad to know how much you love the club.

We welcome your continued feedback and any questions related to Tara.

--- Here's the list... ---
Skating for the Gold: Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski by Chip Lovitt (Gently used)
Sports Illustrated For Kids Books: WOW
Limited Too Catalog (Mention of Tara and photo to promote Passion for Fashion Tour)
2001 Capezio Catalog
Target Family Featuring Tara, Kristi, and Katerina
The 2 pages from Parade Magazine
Advertisements for the Kodak Pin featuring Tara in 2002
2002-2003 SOI Ticket order form
Flyers to order Pre-Order Tickets in 2001-2002.
Kleenex Advertisement
Jif and Smuckers/Got Milk Advertisement
2001-2002 SOI Ticket order Form
Advertisement for SOI 2002 to be on TV (From "GOLD" season)
Posted on Jan 06 2005 by: Steve - comments (0)

Dec 30 2004 Happy New Year from TaraFans.com!
Each year is a new opportunity to reflect on the successes and accomplishments of the previous year, and to celebrate the opportunities the new year brings with it. From all of us on the TaraFans Team, we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and much success in 2005!
Posted on Dec 30 2004 by: Steve - comments (1)

Sep 27 2004 "A Rumor" Is Right
Angie (TaraRulz.com) has confirmed through Brad (Tara's official webmaster) that Tara will NOT be skating in the Broadway on Ice show, as rumored/released in the article on Yahoo! News.
Posted on Sep 27 2004 by: Steve - comments (4)

Sep 27 2004 Broadway on Ice
The rumors are swirling... Could it be true? In an article titled, "Strapping on skates," Yahoo! News is reporting that Tara will be performing in the show, "Broadway on Ice," kicking off Nov. 9 in Grand Rapids, Mich. This is not confirmed, but you can read the news article by clicking here and a promotional video by clicking here.
Posted on Sep 27 2004 by: Steve - comments (0)

Aug 29 2004 Tropical Storm Gaston Reaches Land in SC
As many of you have no doubt seen on the news, Tropical Storm Gaston is swirling inland over the South Carolina coast near Bulls Bay right now, with a much stronger hurricane possibly coming behind it - located off the coast in the Atlantic at this time. We're asking all of Tara's fans to keep Tara in your prayers as this storm approaches her Kiawah Island, SC home. Mike has written a special message we are including in this news post.

"Hello to each and every one of Tara's fine fans and friends. The officers at TaraFans are asking you ALL to please take time and pray for Tara and her vacation home on Kiawah Island. There is currently a storm brewing just of the coast of Kiawah/Charleston that's expected to intensify to hurricane strength rapidly and make landfall near Charleston. Tara's home sits on a barrier island. A direct hit could be devastating to her home and we're calling on and asking you all to PLEASE take the time to pray that Tara's home, and those homes and property of her friends and neighbors there on Kiawah, is spared serious or any damage."
Posted on Aug 29 2004 by: Steve - comments (2)

Jul 25 2004 With apologies for the delay, Tara's Birthday Book is on its way to Tara!
Well over 200 messages came in from all over, including several continents, and Tara is sure to love every single message. :) Our creative gem, Ileana, did a wonderful job fielding the 200+ entries and compiling them to create a birthday book that Tara can cherish for years. Tara will receive the birthday book at her home in Kiawah Island, SC this week, and YOUR names will be in the book! Special thanks to everyone who helped make Tara's birthday book possible through your messages and contributions! You and Ileana have teamed up to create a great gift for Tara, once again!
Posted on Jul 25 2004 by: Steve - comments (0)

Jul 04 2004 Happy Independence Day
TaraFans.com would like to wish all members a very happy 4th of July. Enjoy your day of family, friends, food, sun, and freedom.
Posted on Jul 04 2004 by: Danielle - comments (1)

Jul 02 2004 Birthday Update Coming Soon
Full details on Tara's birthday book and gifts that were sent in from her fans on this site will be posted very soon. There has obviously been a big delay in the process of getting the gifts to Tara for several reasons that were, unfortunately, beyond our control. We do, however, apologize for the delay and will be posting details very soon.
Posted on Jul 02 2004 by: Steve - comments (1)

Jun 27 2004 New Tara Update
Brad has posted an update from Tara and a new photograph at the message board. Click here to visit the board.
Posted on Jun 27 2004 by: Danielle - comments (0)

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