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"I'm a Tara Fan Because..."

I started watching Tara skate back in 1994. I don't remember what competition it was, but she was so adorable. She skated to "Walking on Sunshine" and I could just see the love she had for skating right on her face and also in her body movement. She was pure joy! Every since then I knew she would be BIG in the skating world. Who knew just how big four years later!

But, in that time I always planned my life around watching her skate on TV in competition and prayed she would win every time. And most of the time she did. As of today, I am still planning my life around watching her on TV. I think she is a very beautiful person and has touched my life in so many ways. Every time I see her, it reminds me that we all should have dreams and goals and we should always reach for the stars. She makes me feel good about myself and about the world.

I watched her win the Olympic Gold in Nagano and when I realized that she had come in first place, I think I screamed as loud as she did and the tears began to flow down my face from pure excitement! My kids of course thought I had lost my mind, but I knew she deserved it and was the best skater that night. What an exciting time to see my favorite skater win the Gold medal. I will NEVER forget that moment and I was so happy I got to share it with her as fellow Americans.

I will always be a BIG TARA FAN and will never astray. She is so awesome as a person, role model and Skater. GO TARA!

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