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Tara has meant so much to me in my life. She is everything to me. When things around me are depressing, I just think of her, and everything seems brighter than before.

When I have had a hard day, just looking at a picture of Tara instantly brightens me up. Unlike most every fleeting thing in this world, Tara has always "been there," not in body, but in mind and spirit. I feel that I can count on Tara to always look on the bright side of things and influence people with how she is always cheerful and uplifting.

Not only that, but Tara has influenced me greatly with her very giving and unselfish attitude. By Tara overcoming unpleasant situations and circumstances, Tara has shown me that if you believe in yourself, and put forth your best effort, your dreams will come true.

Tara has no idea how much she, as a person and a skater, has affected the way I think, act, and live. Some of my friends say, "Oh, she's just another one of those figure skaters," but they do not know what a great person and role model Tara Lipinski truly is.

I hope that many more people follow Tara and can see how unselfish and caring Tara really is.

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