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After the 1998 Winter Olympics, I became a huge fan of figure skating. Although I do not figure skate myself, I still love watching the competitions. When Tara won the gold medal in Nagano, I was so happy. I wanted the underdog to win and was really excited when she did. Ever since that moment, I have watched many of the competitions on television and attended figure skating shows.

For my fourteenth birthday, my father surprised me with a ticket to watch Tara perform while she was on a tour with Campbell's soup, hosted by Tom Collins. I was ecstatic watching Tara skate in the "Super Stars on Ice" show. It was amazing to see her in person, performing live. I even got her signature! That definitely made the show even more exciting! I have become a huge fan of Tara's over the years and have all of her books and read all of the magazines that she appeared in! I especially liked the issue of her in "Blades." However, reading about Tara does not even compare to watching her perform in person!

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