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I've been a fan of Tara since 1997, so it was so awesome to receive tickets to Scott Hamilton's Farewell Tour with Stars on Ice for my 14th birthday. When I opened up the envelope I thought it was going to be a card, but when I saw the tickets, I wanted to jump up and scream!

When Feb. 14th came around, my dad and I went to the Minneapolis show. The ten hours drive was worth it! The lines weren't all that long, so it didn't take much time to get into the arena at the Target Center. I remember seeing lifesize pictures of basketball stars on the walls and thinking that it would be cool if they had one of Tara.

Before we went to our seats, my dad and I went to buy a program. They were huge, but I found a way to hold it without bending it or anything. Then we went to our seats towards the bottom of the upper level. My dad had bought some tiny binoculars for us to use, so I spent the time before the show started looking around with them. Then the show began. I spent much of the show watching through the binoculars (especially when Tara was out). At the end of every performance, I'd pick them up to see the skaters' faces. Tara skated perfectly and captivated me as she does when I watch her on tv, although she is even more mesmorizing live!

When the show ended, Dad bought the cast photo for me, as I had only brought $20. I bought the autographed picture of Tara in her Dance With Me dress. Now those pictures are framed and hung up on the wall in my room. I'll never forget the best night of my life, when I went to see Tara in Stars On Ice!

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